Custody Timber

Rayner Builders are committed to building a sustainable future by helping to reduce CO2 consumption and improve the energy efficiency of our
customers homes

Speak to us or your architect about the use of sustainable products and building methods on your project, which may include:

Sustainability Rayner Builders

Chain of Custody Timber

Timber is naturally renewable, strong and easily recyclable making it a key material in sustainable building. Timber that qualifies for Chain of Custody is tracked from the forest to point of purchase and guarantees it is sourced from sustainable forests.

Timber can be beneficial in a number of applications such as sustainable construction of upper floors with suspended timber, timber frame walls which are growing in popularity and pre-engineered timber roof trusses which can greatly reduce the amount of time in constructing a traditional roof.

Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) beams are also becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional structural steel beams.

See Rayners other divisions: Rayner Solar and Rayner Roofing for more ways of maximising the efficiency of your home by utilising renewable energy through solar panel installations, and the benefits of green roofs and grass roofs to your home and the environment