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Committed to building a sustainable future.

Rayner Builders are committed to building a sustainable future by helping to reduce CO2 consumption and improve the energy efficiency of our customers homes. With each project we’ll discuss the use of sustainable products and building methods on your project, which may include:


Better insulation for your home

Insulation is a relatively low cost solution that can significantly reduce your homes energy usage.


Bricks and Blocks

Aircrete foundation blocks and Ecostock™ bricks that perform better thermally, are produced from recycled materials and can save time and money due to their size.


Chain of Custody Timber

Timber is naturally renewable, strong and easily recyclable making it a key material in sustainable building.

Doors and Windows

Around 15% of your homes heat is lost through your doors. Choosing and correctly fitting windows doors with good U-values will pay for themselves over time.

Underfloor heating

Underfloor heating starts at ground level and cools above head height meaning it has a far more efficient heat distribution than a fireplace or radiators.

Our solid reputation for high quality and distinctive work is founded from our
6 Rayner Principles.

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